50|50 Episode 19 Season 7: 23 June 2016

Angola part 1:

Explorer, scientist and expedition leader, Dr Steve Boyes is at the helm of a new adventure. The Okavango bird census contributed to the Okavango Delta being granted overdue World Heritage Site status. But the swamps are only one part of the system, the source of its water lies upstream and in another country altogether. Bertus travels by plane, road and boat to reach his far-flung destination – the headwaters of the Okavango Swamps which originate in Angola – all to meet up with a determined assortment of scientists on a mission to save this priceless landscape.

Wonderwêreld: Lions part 4

In the final instalment of this 4 part wildlife drama, the lions of Djuma Game Reserve continue their battle for survival. As we bid them farewell, we finally find out if the 2 dominant males will retain their title as rulers of Djuma, or if they succumb to the younger males. As always there are plenty of surprises when it comes to the kings of the beasts, and there might be even more drama in this finale than anticipated.

Doodsbenoud: Bushbuck

While a bushbuck’s first course of action when it comes to predator avoidance is to flee into thickets or freeze, it’s a different story when these usually shy animals are cornered. There are many records of bushbuck rams becoming extremely violent when threatened by dogs or humans. There are even some instances where people have died following an assault by a bushbuck’s sharp horns. Derek Brown experienced such an attack first-hand, but fortunately lived to tell the tale – which he does on tonight’s edition of Doodsbenoud.


Birds of a feather really do flock together, with some amazing aerial displays from one of our smallest bird species. There are also a few surprises waiting for us – snakes are both the hunters and the hunted; and a baboon displaying his carnivorous side.



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