50|50 Episode 17 Season 7: 9 June 2016

Wildebure: spiders

South Africa is home to about 5000 different types of spiders, and like it or not, they are all around us. It is estimated that a human is never more than 10 feet away from a spider—ever. In this week’s Wildebure, we take a closer look at the spiders we so often unknowingly share our living spaces with, and find out, although they may be a creepy to look at for most of us, they are actually mostly harmless, and even beneficial to us!


Wonderwêreld: Lions part 2

The saga of the lions of Djuma Game Reserve continues. With the pride now well fed, they can spend some time enjoying the benefits of social living, but they are unaware of a potential threat moving ever closer. Will the 2 dominant males re-unite with the pride before the new coalition of younger males moves in? We find out in this week’s instalment of Wonderwêreld.

Blue-green Algae and Motor Neuron Disease:

Motor neurone disease is a devastatingly debilitating disease for which there is no known cure. The cause or causes of MND are largely unknown. An estimated 10% of cases are believed to be genetic. In the rest, experts believe there is an underlying genetic disposition that is triggered by environmental factors. A recent study out of Australia points to a causal link between incidents of motor neurone disease and chronic exposure to blue-green algae. We take a closer look at the research and ask what is lurking in our environment – from water systems to sports pitches and beyond.


Animals are out to get each other in this week’s episode of VF, a waterbuck escapes from a rival, only to face something much more sinister, a chameleon puts up a brave fight against a deadly predator, and 2 elephant bulls test each other’s metal in a heavy-weight pushing contest.


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