50|50 Episode 15 Season 7: 26 May 2016


If you are ever in the bush and hear something that sounds a little bit like a didgeridoo, chances are, that there is probably not an Australian music concert going on nearby, but rather a family group of Southern ground hornbills! They are very vocal birds and the low chorus of calls can be heard at distances of up to 3 kilometres. The calls allow each group to maintain its territory, which must be as large as 100 square kilometres even in the best habitat. Their range is restricted by the presence of suitable trees in which to breed, and habitat loss is the main reason these huge iconic birds – listed as critically endangered – are very definitely ‘in die spervure’…


Wonderwêreld: Lions part 1

In the first instalment of this wildlife drama, we bring you the story of the kings of Djuma GR. This Wonderwêreld showcases these majestic creatures exactly how nature intended them to be -completely wild! We meet the dominant males of the area in all their glory, and a few other characters that will have you glued to your screens!


Alien trees:

As with so many of our decisions when it comes to biodiversity, hindsight is 20/20 and the management of the Drakensberg mountain range is no exception. Historically alien trees were planted in their droves, with little understanding of their invasive tendencies. Cool mountain streams and winds bore the seeds of these trees far and wide over the ‘dragon’s back’ and today they are present on even the highest of peaks. Now, with a better understanding of the impact of alien vegetation, the challenge that faces Natal parks is how to remove these fast growing interlopers. The ever intrepid Bertus packs his bags and heads for the hills with a group of dedicated volunteers to not only find out more about how these trees are being removed, but to give a helping hand in the process!



As always the animals are the stars of tonight’s show, with plenty of amazing behaviour on display. A black rhino takes a break from being anti-social, while an elephant demonstrates some heart-warming mothering techniques.



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