50|50 Episode 14 Season 7: 19 May 2016

Colour variant antelope:

SA’s wildlife industry is one of the most advanced in the world. It has evolved into a tool for both conservation management and a means to generate major economic benefits. After years of success with extensive game ranching, trends in more recent times have shifted to intensive game farming and now a new trend is emerging that involves selective breeding for abnormal qualities. Some argue this is boosting the legendary industry yet again; others are concerned it is creating risks that compromise biodiversity in favour of short-term profits. There are numerous opinions on the topic so we’ll let you make up your own mind.


Wildebure: Porcupine

Of two dozen species worldwide, the Cape porcupine is the only one that occurs in SA and is in fact our largest rodent species – and it’s not averse to hanging out in human neighbourhoods. With teeth that grow continuously like other rodents, these spiny creatures can do some serious damage to a vegetable patch, but they shouldn’t be considered pests as they are crucial to the ecology of natural habitats.


Wonderwêreld: Whales

This week’s Wonderwêreld takes up to the deep waters off the coast of South Africa’s cape peninsula. Deep under the waves where the two mighty oceans meet, we bring you the largest creatures on the planet. Whales.


Animals go to great lengths for a meal tonight in VeldFokus, a pride of lions cause an arboreal traffic jam, while a leopard hits the food jackpot!

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