50|50 Episode 13 Season 7: 12 May 2016

World Migratory Bird Day:

World migratory bird day – falling on the 14th of May 2016 – is a day in which we pause to consider the wonders of the avian world – how birds – some weighing only a few grams – can power their way over stormy seas and vast desserts without stopping, and to ponder the effect our own actions are having on these ancient rituals. The slogan for this year’s WMBD is “…and when the skies fall silent…” and in honour of this day, we bring you the story of the tiny Amur falcon – a bird that flies over 22000km to reach the grassy plains of SA.


Wonderwêreld: Landscapes

This week’s Wonderwêreld features the rolling hills, misty mountains and dramatic beaches of South Africa’s landscapes. We take you on a magical journey of discovery, from the sea to the highest peaks, where the lush green forests are contrasted by the bleak and inhospitable deserts.


Doodsbenoud: Scorpions

It is well known that the thick-tailed, small pincered scorpions are usually particularly venomous, and the Transvaal fat-tailed scorpion is considered to be one of the most dangerous scorpions in southern Africa. So what does it mean if some unsuspecting soul inadvertently steps on one? Well, Neil Carlson can tell us first hand because he unfortunately did just that.


Although it is usually best to stay out of the affairs of wild animals, sometimes the animals decide differently, and bring the action right to us! Lions are causing all sorts of drama, one pride even tries its hand at photography, while a pair of wise owls decide to take a few night classes.


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