50|50 Episode 12 Season 7: 5 May 2016


There is something so relaxing about the quiet bubbling of an aquarium, with their gentle glowing lights and waving seaweed – children and adults alike are so often mesmerised by the beautifully colourful fish darting about in the crystal clear water. Owning an aquarium is a little bit like having a tiny part of the ocean right in our own living rooms, but have you ever stopped to wonder where these fish come from, and what effect their removal from their natural habitat is having on the wider eco-system out there in the Big Blue? We travel to the sparkling waters off KZN to find out the whole story of the hobby with a darker side.


Wonderwêreld: Elephants

In this week’s Wonderwêreld, we take a trip into the world of giants, taking the time to appreciate just how special these massive creatures are. Perfectly adapted to the often harsh and barren landscapes they call home, we take a closer look into the lives of the planet’s largest mammal.


Spervuur: Sungazers

We all know how endangered wild dogs and rhinos are, but the smaller critters often go unnoticed and unprotected as a result. One such creature lurks in the grasslands and pastures of the Free State. With their armour of spiny scales, Sungazers look more like something from a fantasy film than your garden variety lizard! These are the laid back sun-worshipers whose social lifestyle and communal living allows them to take life at a much slower pace. The question in this week’s instalment of Spervuur is how can a lizard that looks like a dragon, whose scales are believed to have magical powers convince farmers to help save the grasslands?


There is plenty of bobbing and weaving in VF tonight, a Ground squirrel stands up to a cobra to much applause from its family, while Black mambas do a dance of their own!


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