50|50 Episode 11 Season 7: 28 April 2016

Wonderwêreld: impala

As one of the most abundant of South Africa’s antelope, the graceful impala is often overlooked. But just because they are common, it doesn’t mean that they should not be celebrated. This week we pay tribute to these beautiful creatures, taking the time to watch in awe as they leap nimbly across our screens in Wonderwêreld.



When we hear the word ‘rabies’, we’re often filled with fear because it is widely known that this terrible disease passes easily between humans and mammals – any kind of mammal, not just dogs. The World Health Organization reports that 55 000 people die tragically from rabies every year. This week we take a closer look at this indiscriminate killer and its impact on wild animals and what we can all do to prevent its spread.


Wildebure: snakes

The choice to live in lifestyle-estates on the outskirts of more built-up areas is becoming increasingly popular across the country but it also brings people into contact with their wild neighbours more regularly than if they lived in town. Some of these neighbours are more frightening dinner guests than others, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated with disrespect. Snakes slither onto our screens – and some people’s – homes in this week’s “Wilde Bure”.

Cheetah relocation:

When it comes to cheetah conservation – every individual counts. In honour of workers day, we bring you a short story of dedication and hard work – all to rescue one cheetah from a certain death.



The stage is set for all sorts of interactions on FV tonight, male lions certainly get put in their places – a lioness shows her mate exactly who wears the pants, while another male is shown exactly why buffalo are also worthy members of the big 5!


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