50|50 Episode 9 Season 7: 14 April 2016

South Africa’s dams:

In recent months in SA, water has been in the spotlight. In some areas, the drought is taking a heavy toll, in others, the heavy rainfall is equally as destructive. In times like these, the nation needs to sit up and take stock of the state of our water resources and supporting infrastructure. A recent CSIR report paints a scary picture, with a large proportion of our water bodies proving to be overloaded with nutrients and so riddled with blue-green algae that they constitute a high health risk to people.


Spervuur: Cheetah

Cats and dogs are NOT known for being best of friends… yet a very special breed of dog might be the key to protecting South Africa’s cheetah population. Habitat loss, poaching and other threats has resulted in the drastic decline in the global cheetah population, with an estimated 6,700 adult cheetah remaining in the wild. Many of these cheetah survive outside formally protected areas, and are often persecuted for hunting valuable livestock.  Researchers from EWT have devised a cunning strategy to minimise this conflict – in the shape of Anatolian sheep dogs. In this week’s Spervuur, we ask just how a dog from Turkey can help conserve the world’s fastest animal.

Wonderwêreld: Gannets

The productive waters of the West Coast; a place where vast colonies gather to perform the ancient rituals that bring new life. Crowned with gold and adorned with the most delicate of facial designs, these angelic looking seabirds are in fact precision hunters. In this week’s Wonderwêreld we take a look at the fascinating life of the Cape Gannet.


The animals of SA are laying aside their differences this week, a monkey and a tortoise share a puddle, a Steenbok and Duiker share a shady spot and a Fish eagle and a young Bushbuck get better acquainted!

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