50|50 Episode 7 Season 7: 31 March 2016

Doodsbenoud: lions

These majestic animals are famed for their large and fearsome canines. Their teeth can be as long as 7 cm in mature males and are attached to a jaw powered by very well-developed muscles. In combination with a skull that weighs 3kg, lions are understandably killing machines.So what happens when one of these cats defies the effects of tranquillising drugs and pounces upon the vet treating it? Dr Paul Bartels tells us just that in Doodsbenoud.


Snake bite anti-venom:

A snakebite is a serious incident and the best way to reverse the effects of envenomation is with specially formulated anti-venoms. But have you ever wondered where these come from or how they are made? We meet the man who spends his days rushing to the aid of people with serpentine visitors under their beds or in their cupboards, then taking these ‘problem’ snakes back to his laboratory where their venom is collected. This venom is a vital part of the creation of anti-venom, a substance that saves hundreds of lives every day! Bertus heads off to the Lowveld for a better look at how this is done!


Wonderwêreld: Giraffe

This week in Wonderwêreld we feature the lofty giraffe. Of all of South Africa’s creatures, this leggy and elegant giant is surely one of the strangest creatures ever to walk the earth. Towering over most of its savannah home, these super-models of the bushveld, with eyelashes that would make any girl jealous are equipped with an array of fascinating adaptations, making them a creature we can all look up to!


There is all sorts of drama tonight on Veld Fokus, a mother hippo turns the tables on a crocodile, a leopard has a VERY long meal, and 2 of South Africa’s rarest cats leap onto our screens!

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