50|50 Episode 5 Season 7: 17 March 2016


The majestic Drakensberg Mountains and rolling hills of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands are world famous. But if the international petrochemical industry has their way, the tranquillity of the region could be shattered.  South Africa is the centre for a new global “gas rush”. Communities are up in arms. They fear that if gas is found, the controversial hydraulic rock fracturing or fracking method would be used to extract it. SA was one of the countries that declared its intention to move away from fossil fuels at the last COP meeting, planning to invest in the development of sustainable energy technology. So why is it then that a Texan company has been awarded the rights to prospect for gas in KZN?


Woolworths: Farming for the future

South Africa receives around half of the global average rainfall, so our farmers are used to working with water challenges, many having adopted some of the best water saving practices. Our agricultural sector uses 84% of the country’s fresh water, with irrigation of fruit and veg taking up a large majority of that water. Woolworths’ Farming for the Future Programme encourages their suppliers to use scientific methods to make their farming more sustainable.  By implementing efficient water reduction methods, some farms have reduced their water usage by 85%. Bonne heads off into the fields to find out exactly how it’s done.


Wildebure: Weavers

Its summer time. And while the living is easy for some creatures, the same can’t be said for the millions of industrious birds that build nests and raise chicks in the warmer months. In the spring the male’s feathers go from drab to fab, as his plumage turns into a brilliant yellow. He’ll need this swag new wardrobe… because he’s after as many mates as he can possibly woo! This week’s Wildebure features those busy little yellow neighbours well known to so many of us – the Weaver.

Veld Fokus:

The gloves are off tonight in Veld Focus! We bring you a battle between 2 of Africa’s heavy weights, a feather weight Jackal proves to be champion of the waterhole, and a leopard learns that the female of the species can indeed be deadlier than the male…



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