50|50 Episode 4 Season 7: 10 March 2016


This week we meet a woman whose walk with her dogs took a dramatic turn for the worse when she found herself face to face with a protective rhino cow and her calf. We find out exactly how fast a rhino can run, and just how fast they can change direction in this exciting instalment of Doosbenoud.


We take a closer look at the regal Kudu in this week’s Wonderwêreld. Their grace and power make them one of SA’s favourite antelope with unmistakable spiralled horns and gentle faces – leaving us with no doubt that they thoroughly deserve their position as the emblem of game reserves throughout South Africa.

Cheetah Meta-populations:

These slinky cats may be the fastest land mammals on earth but when it comes to the race against extinction, they need a bit of a helping hand. This is a service being provided by the cheetah meta-population project. Extensive swaps of cheetah between different reserves, not only makes these animals well-travelled but aims to deepen the overall gene pool of cheetah country-wide, making it a ride that could ultimately save the species.


We have a little bit of everything for you tonight on VeldFokus, a young leopard finds a meal with a very dangerous wrapper, another member of Africa’s big five takes on the biggest meal imaginable, and a pair of zebra just can’t seems to keep a straight face!

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