50|50 Episode 3 Season 7: 3 Mar 2016

50|50 Episode 3 Season 7: 3 Mar 2016

In die Spervuur:

Following on from our popular short slot, Rhino Brief, last season, we have decided to profile a whole host of Africa’s endangered species in a new slot called “In die Spervuur”. Over the next few months, you can expect to meet various critters and get to know more about them, what they are, where they are found, the threats they face, the conservation efforts being put in place to save them and but most importantly, what we all can do to make a difference. In our first instalment, we get re-acquainted with the African Wild Dog which is no stranger to 5050 screens but indeed, one of the most threatened of our carnivores – placing them firmly ‘In die Spervuur’.


Killer the Anti-poaching dog:

The last thing you would ever expect, strolling down a path in the KNP, is a man and his dog. But this unusual pair are NOT out for a morning stroll… They are BOTH soldiers in the war against rhino poaching. Bonne heads to the KNP where the world’s press, and British Royalty are gathered to commend this pair of heroes. Killer, the KNP’s top anti-poaching dog was awarded the highest medal of honour for an animal – the equivalent of a George’s Cross! This prestigious accolade has only been awarded to 64 other animals in history, and 54 of those were awarded during WW2!


Wonderwêreld: Djuma leopard saga part 3

We say goodbye to our 4 favourite leopard characters in this nail biting finale of our 3 part wildlife wonder. We are all waiting with baited breathe to find out what is happening with the heavily pregnant female – will her cubs survive? Will the big male be able to keep her territory safe from intruding males, or is he now past his prime? And how will our 2 young boys fair? Have they learned enough to survive in a world where one mistake can be the difference between life and death? Let’s find out.


Tonight on VeldFokus we have some incredible surprises in store for you! A Boom slang does a brilliant periscope impression, a kudu attempts the high-jump record, and a pod of hippo receive a VERY unusual visitor!

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