50|50 Episode 1 Season 7: 18 Feb 2016

50|50 Episode 1 Season 7: 18 Feb 2016

Doodsbenoud: Floods

Drought may be the word on everybody’s lips at the moment, but in this episode of our regular Danger Files slot, we share the experience of a family who encountered Mother Nature on the completely opposite end of the spectrum – a flash flood. Lucky for them, a neighbour with a fishing boat was ready to zoom to the rescue!

Wonderwêreld: Leopards of Djuma part 1:

In the first instalment of this 3 part wildlife wonder, we follow the secret lives of 4 leopard characters in the beautiful setting of the Djuma Game Reserve. Confidence and power radiate from the dominant male as he struts his stuff on his home turf, a graceful female slinks silently through the grass with unequalled elegance, while 2 inexperienced young males learn just how hard it is surviving on their own – with some rather entertaining results!

VeldFokus: Episode 1

We are back as promised, and while we were off air, it seems that all of our viewers have been working extra hard at capturing some amazing animal behaviour and crazy creatures to share with viewers and the 50|50 team! A sneaky leopard nabs a free meal, a Vine snake shows off its fangs for the cameras, and a sly jackal surprises us all!


They can fly at speeds of up to 25kmph and beat their tiny wings 200 times a second. They also possess 170 odorant receptors meaning they have a seriously good sense of smell. But every super-hero has a nemesis and the honey bee is no exception. What makes matters worse is that the villain in this story is an invisible killer. We take a closer look at the hard working honey bee and how American Foul Brood Disease is threatening South Africa’s precious bee colonies – along with it our own food sources and possibly our very existence!

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