Episode 38 Season 6: 9 August 2015  

Captive lion hunting: death in a can

Described as king of the beasts, the African lion is one of the most appropriate symbols of Africa: the proud and majestic warrior. However, in recent years, humans have once again desecrated this magnificent symbol, and the canned lion hunting industry in South Africa is not only continuing, but flourishing. Forced to live in captivity until big enough for the hunt, these lions are often kept in shocking conditions. The sordid industry is often tied to the cub-petting industry, where cubs – removed from their mothers at birth – are quite literally bred for the bullet. This week, we take a closer look at the dark under-belly of this practice in South Africa, and ask what is being done in order to curb this barbaric and archaic business that has no conservation value what-so-ever.

Danger files: Tsetse flies

The unimposing Tsetse fly. A few centimetres in length, but capable of bringing a grown man to within an inch of his life. In this week’s instalment of Danger Files, we bring you the story of just such a man, and how he escaped succumbing to a sleepy death by the skin of his teeth.

Urban Critters: Thick tailed bush babies

With giant googly eyes, bushy tails and the ability to leap enormous distances, these tiny little primates have to be one of the cutest and most entertaining little critters that we have showcased in Urban Critter so far. Join us for a journey to the coastal forests of KZN for a better look at these adorable creatures of the night.


Rhino Brief: Black Mambas

In honour of Women’s day, it seems fitting that in this final Rhino Brief of the season, we pay tribute to a group of strong, brave and dedicated women who are taking a stand against rhino poaching: The Black Mambas. This all female anti-poaching unit patrol the borders of the Balule Game Reserve, walking hundreds of kilometres each week to keep poachers from entering the reserve. Bonne straps on her walking boots and joins them on patrol to find out more about these courageous women, who day after day prove that ‘when you strike a woman, you strike a rock’.


Veld Focus: highlights

In this penultimate episode of Veld Focus for the season, Bertus and Samir team up for a look back at all the fabulous monthly winners for the season, as well as a few memorable entries that couldn’t go without a mention, and the excitement builds for the announcement of the grand prize winner in next week’s episode.



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