Episode 35 Season 6: 19 July 2015

Crabs: comical crustaceans

To the untrained eye, the strip of sand between crashing waves and undulating dune is simply that soft bare patch, perfect for sun-bathing or picnics. But to Linda Harris, it is an office. Here she stakes out holes in the sand, patiently waiting for their owners to head out on a foraging expedition. Her mission is to study the comical ghost crabs that make their home in the inter-tidal zone of South Africa’s shores. These resourceful little crustaceans must brave the harsh elements, howling winds, rising water levels and watching predators.  Join us for a close up look at these delightful sideways scampering creatures that will have you chuckling at their cute and comical antics.


Danger Files: bees

Although bees throughout the world may look similar, African bees have earned the reputation of being particularly aggressive when threatened. For the most part, bees pose no threat to humans, but when angered, a swarm of African bees can be a truly terrifying sight. In this week’s Danger Files we meet a family who experienced a swarm of bees at their most dangerous.


Rhino Brief: William Fowlds

In this week’s Rhino Brief, Bonne meets William Fowlds, a Veterinarian from the Eastern Cape who has dedicated his life to the preservation and protection of South Africa’s wildlife. Since the massive up-swing in rhino poaching, William has often been the first person on the scene at these bloody and heart-wrenching crime-scenes. We pay tribute to William, who has given his all to the anti-poaching movement, through the countless de-horning programmes he has taken part in up and down the country, to spending months fighting for the lives of poaching survivors like Thandi. William is a true South African hero, and we salute his efforts and applaud his devotion in the fight against rhino poaching.


Wildlife Wonder: king of the castle

King of the animals, the proud, magnificent and powerful lion… and a popular character in many movies over the years. But does a lion really stand out above all the other species? Lions do have the claim to the title of Africa’s largest predator but size is not all that counts. In this week’s Wildlife Wonders we take a closer look at Kings and queens of the jungle and weigh up their different characteristics against a few other top predators, in order to find out why these enormous cats wear their crowns with such pride.

Veld Focus:

It’s time for some comic relief here on Feld Focus this week, so sit back and enjoy some hilarious antics of some special animal characters. An elephant tries on a new disguise, Nemo makes a colourful appearance, and a cheeky hyena steals the show.

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