Episode 33 Season 6: 5 July 2015

Chad: An unexpected gem

In a somewhat forgotten part of Africa, usually associated with desert-scapes and unpleasant temperatures, lies a hidden jewel: the Zakouma National Park. A massive expanse of lush savannah grassland, emerald green forests and shimmering pools; this incredible area of Chad is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. But there is also trouble in paradise, and Bertus heads off to find out more about this vast wilderness and the ever present threat of elephant poaching that looms over the reserve like a dark shadow. African Parks have been determinedly fighting this problem for many years, and after a devastating blow where an anti-poaching patrol unit was gunned down in cold blood, the team is now re-built, ready to face the poaching challenge head on. Join us for an epic journey to the heart of Africa, where the natural beauty of the Zakouma wilderness and the bravery of the men who spend their lives defending it is guaranteed to inspire, excite and surprise us all.

Urban Critters: Zebra

Most people associate galloping herds of zebra with areas like the Kruger National Park or even the Serengeti. But not so for the residence of Botha’s Hill in Durban, where families live alongside these stripy marvels of the equine world. In this week’s instalment of Urban Critters, we take a closer look at the dazzling zebra and find out what makes it such a special creature, perfectly adapted for survival in the wild… and in the occasional garden.

Rhino Brief: Celebrations

In light of so many horror stories surrounding the rhino poaching situation recently, this week’s Rhino Brief departs slightly from the norm. Instead, we have decided to bring you a Rhino Brief solely dedicated to the celebration of these incredible creatures, as a reminder why these gentle giants are worth fighting for. The iconic rhino, standing majestically on our own bank notes as a symbol of the South African country: an integral part of our rich biodiversity and pride as a nation.



Wildlife Wonders: Mashatu

The African bush can be deceiving at times. Dry, barren and seemingly lifeless. But even in the most hostile of places, there is life to be found. In this week’s Wildlife Wonder, we explore the Mashatu Game Reserve in the dry season, and there are surprises in store around every corner. Each animal that makes its home here is intricately connected; intertwined in a fragile, complex and fascinating web that makes up the rich biodiversity of this special part of Africa.

Veld Focus: This week’s Veld Focus is full to the brim with rare and beautiful sightings, captured by lucky viewers from all over South Africa. We get a chance to see one of the world’s rarest molluscs, a fungus with a rather smelly difference, and a leopard mother performs a balancing act.



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