Episode 25 Season 6: 10 May 2015

Martial eagles: Conserving Africa’s largest eagle

The Martial Eagle is a work of evolutionary genius. Its 2.2 metre wingspan, long legs and mighty claws make it the biggest eagle on the African continent. Its intense yellow eyes give it a fierce appearance. When it is time to hunt, this awe-inspiring bird swoops through the sky from up to 6km away from its prey, effortlessly snatching it in its formidable talons. As astounding as the Martial Eagle is, its numbers are dwindling due to various human activities including secondary poisoning from poisoned carcasses and electrocution from power lines. The Kruger National Park is now the last remaining stronghold of the Martial eagle, but there are only 130 breeding pairs in the entire park. This week 50/50 joins the research team committed to monitoring Martial Eagle populations in South Africa and contributing to the conservation of this spectacular species.

Wildlife Wonder: Pocket sized predators

At first glance, the Black footed cat may look like your average tabby-cat, but attempt to scratch one behind the ears, and you will fast be singing a different tune. Fondly dubbed ‘anthill tigers’ these diminutive felines are fierce little predators, perfectly adapted to survive the perils of the wild. Shy and seldom seen, this week’s Wildlife Wonder glimpses into the secretive world of Africa’s smallest cat, and although impossibly cute, these little cats really do prove that dynamite does come in small packages.


A ‘waste’ of time: Creating art from recycled materials

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, including materials that most people would classify as rubbish. We meet two artists who create art from nothing more than piles of old plastic, discarded paper, and unwanted books, proving that one man’s trash, really is another man’s treasure.

Rhino brief: Taking flight for conservation

It unlikely that Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches of the first helicopter included a harness with a rhino swinging from the under-carriage, but as technology has advanced, the Kruger National park is utilizing all available means in the war against poaching. In this week’s Rhino Brief, Bonné heads to South Africa’s largest game reserve to find out more about the biggest birds in the KNP’s skies, and how these machines are going the distance for conservation.

Veld Focus:

Veld Focus is a real cliff hanger this week, and our entries will leave you wanting more… We are left guessing at the outcome of a battle between two rhino bulls, a spider and a snake perform a vanishing act after a lengthy struggle, and the possibilities are endless with the arrival of a new giraffe.




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