Episode 6 Season 6: 21 December 2014


Wild horses: A page from the history books or pesky wanderers?

In a modern day South Africa, the phrase “wild horses couldn’t keep me away” is usually bandied about with the knowledge that actual wild horses will probably not gallop out of story books or song titles to interfere with our everyday lives. However, in the small town of Fisherhaven in the Western Cape, this is not the case. 50|50 trots off to discover more about these romantic vagabonds, and how these horses ended up fertilizing the gardens and road-sides of the Fisherhaven suburbs. We also find out what the future holds for these controversial equines, and what is being done to secure their future.







Wildlife wonders: Hidden water for elephants.

In this week’s Wildlife Wonder, we visit the Mashatu Game Reserve and follow in the footsteps of the gentle giants, discovering the ingenious ways elephants find water in seemingly arid landscapes, with a few charming surprises in the process.

Western Cape Rivers: Poison for protection.

How does pouring hundreds of litres of poison into a river actually help it to return to pristine condition? We meet the team of conservationists who made the brave decision to rid a river catchment in the Western Cape of invasive fish species by implementing drastic measures. The outcome, however, was surprisingly encouraging.

Urban Critters: A feathered friend steals the show.

The town of Knysna is usually associated with the whispers of the secret Knysna elephant, or the eerie call of the bright Knysna Turaco. But one plucky fowl is attracting quite a lot of attention with its comical antics, and in this week’s instalment of Urban Critters, we meet the feathered celebrity who is putting the common guinea fowl back in the limelight.

Veld Focus: Holiday fun.

In this week’s Veld Focus, we bring you a snapshot of all the wildlife oddities South African’s have witnessed over the holiday season. We meet the inspiration for Spiderman, a pair of frogs training for the wrestling Olympics, and a hedgehog that is striking out on its own holiday adventure!




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