Episode 7 Season 6: 28 December 2014

Camera traps:

Deep in the shadow of the Soutpansberg mountain range, the mysterious beauty of the lives of the mountain’s inhabitants has been unfolding here since the hills themselves can remember. People have been telling fire-side tales of prowling predators that lurk in the night, and blood curdling screams that reverberate through the trees. The research team at Panthera has teamed up with Durham University and are using a series of cunningly hidden camera traps over a 220km area to get a better understanding of what goes on in these legend shrouded valleys, and how a wide variety of creatures are getting by in a world now at risk of being irreversibly altered by human interference.








Wildlife Wonder: Lions

The life of the King is not always easy, and lions spend much of their lives hungry, injured, or in the case of when it is raining – rather grumpy. But there are also plenty of good days, and what good days they are too! For cubs, it is a time to relax, practice important killing techniques by annoying their mothers, ambushing each other from rather obvious hiding places and making extra sure that their mothers have done a proper job of killing their latest meal. For the lionesses, it is a time to rest, bond with their pride members and follow the shade as they snooze, occasionally mustering up the energy to chase away any unwanted visitors. It may be a dog’s life – but for today – lions really are the cat’s pyjamas!

On the trail of Rhino horn products:

The underground world of rhino poaching is a sordid one, often veiled in mystery and political turmoil. One frequently asked question is: so where exactly does it all end up? On 5050 tonight we follow the trail of rhino horn products, investigating to what ends these African icons are so mercilessly slaughtered.

Rhino Brief: A legend remembered

In this week’s Rhino Brief we pay tribute to the great Dr Ian Player. Dr Player is a conservation legend who, in the 1960’s was instrumental in bringing the white rhino back from the brink of extinction and who fought for their survival to his last breath. He was also the founder of the famous Duzi Canoe Marathon and established the Wilderness Leadership School. We salute this great conservation icon.

Veld Focus:

In this week’s instalment of the nation’s favourite photographic competition, we bring some of the beauty of the Kgadaikgadi desert scape to life, we see what rhino horns are really supposed to be used for, and we get a once in a life-time look at some animal behaviour that is so bizarre you probably won’t believe what you are seeing! This is a Veld Focus you will not want to miss!


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