Episode 8 Season 6: 4 January 2015

Serious about Serval:

There are still a few lonely areas in Southern Africa where spotting the beautiful and incredibly rare Serval is possible. Even there – it is usually for a brief moment, in those quiet hours deep in the night when even the stars seem to hold their breath. We most certainly would not expect to see them in the heart of Johannesburg’s industrial powerhouses! But again, nature never ceases to find a way, no matter how unlikely it may seem! This week, 5050 ventures between the towering smoke-stacks, to find out how these incredible little predators are thriving in South Africa’s industrial jungle!


Wildlife Wonder: Like a hippo out of water

With a reputation of being extremely fierce towards human intruders, the hippo is known as the most dangerous mammals in Africa. Weighing in at a whopping 2 tons, and armed with a mouthful of gigantic tusks that resemble a badly executed woodwork project – hippos definitely warrant a wide berth. But in the life of a hippo, sometimes confrontation is inevitable, and competition between bulls over shrinking pools of water and access to females, result in gladiatorial battles. Join us this week as we get front row seats to the clash of these wildlife titans!

Danger Files:

This week in Danger Files the 5050 team brings you a story of the person who was bitten and stung by TWO of South Africa’s most feared creatures – a Mamba and a scorpion. Be sure not to miss out!

Lightning fast dogs! On the trail of The Kruger’s wild dogs

Bonne heads off to the Kruger to sniff out an update on the painted wolves of the Kruger, and more importantly, to see if ‘Lightening’, the famous ten year old alpha male with the lightning bolt colouration is still top dog!

Veld Focus:

Unexpected car expenses are part of our day to day lives – but imagine explaining to your insurance company that a pride of lions and a stampeding herbivore is the cause of your latest car dent! We have the photographic proof of just such a tale, and plenty more incredible wildlife oddities to share from lucky viewers all over South Africa!



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