Episode 10 Season 6 : 18 January 2015

Monkey business: Swinging with Samangos

This week we take to the trees in order to find out more about the rare Samango monkey. Luckily we have help: Caroline Howlett of Durham University has been studying the mischievous primates for years, getting to grips with the intricacies of their complex social systems and communication techniques. She has even learned some of their language! Join us as we venture into the Soutpansberg Mountain Range in search of South Africa’s only forest dwelling monkeys.

Ngwenya glass: All that glitters isn’t golden – but it sure is beautiful

Our very own Ntokozo heads to Swaziland to visit the well-known Ngwenya glass blowers. She discovers that their glass products – crafted by master glass blowers – are not only beautiful and delicate, but with the exclusive use of recycled glass collected by the local communities, is a business model for environmental and social responsibility.

Giants of the deep: Bryde’s whales make a splash

We find out more about these incredible underwater giants, and get a rare opportunity to see one of these denizens of the open sea up close when we meet the scuba diver who almost became a modern day Jonah after an enormous Bryde’s whale almost swallowed him whole!

Wildlife wonder: Red billed queleas darken the sky

Known as the most abundant wild bird in the world, with an estimated population of around 10 billion birds, these small passerines in the weaver family are famous for the massive flocks that move through most of sub-Saharan Africa, darkening the sky with their sheer numbers. Flocks of millions sweep through the sky, taking up to 5 hours to pass over. Amazingly, the little birds fly within cm from each other, but they never collide in mid-air. Although these birds can be destructive when they land on crops to feed, witnessing a flock of these birds is a truly beautiful sight, resembling a perfectly times ballet in the sky. And what better way to narrate one of nature’s greatest spectacles? By saying nothing at all…

Veld Focus

In this week’s Veld Focus, youthful exuberance abounds as young animals of all shapes and sizes display some adorable behaviour. We share in a tender moment between a mother baboon and her baby that will melt your heart, and giraffes are being even stranger than usual this week!


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