Episode 5 : December 14 2014


Wildlife Wonders: Aardvark

As the sun sinks over the African savannah, a whole new set of animals sniff the breeze, emerging from their hiding places, ready to begin their day. The Aardvark is one such creature. Shy, secretive, and just plain bizarre, these seldom seen myrmacophogus begin there nightly venture into the black night. Join us as we follow one of these mysterious earth movers on its nightly sojourn into the African wild.


Another animal who takes the game of hide and seek seriously is the otter. But with a cuteness factor that is off the chart, there is little wonder that scientists and wildlife enthusiasts are all clambering to find out more about them. Nicola Okes from UCT is part of a team that has set up a series of hidden cameras throughout the Western Cape Peninsula in the hope that they will get a better idea as to what these fish loving fur balls get up to when our backs are turned.

Danger Files:

In the world of movie sound tracks, none does it better than those 2 little notes… dun dun… and mass panic ensues! In this week’s Danger Files we discover what happened to the man who was attacked by not just one, but 2 great white sharks, at the same time! What did this unfortunate surfer do to attract these denizens of the blue? Or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time… You don’t want to miss this!


The Rhino Brief:

This week Bonne travels to Kwazulu Natal as she joins young delegates from around the world at the Rhino Youth Summit. In this inspirational 180 second insert she learns what the future custodians of our natural heritage have to say on the topic of rhino poaching, as well as the lessons that they are taking back home to their own homes around the world.


Veld Focus:

Ever been to a restaurant and wished you ordered what the person sitting next to you is enthusiastically tucking into? Well it seems that some animals also make odd choices that they may regret when it comes to food! We also peek at nature’s raw beauty, often going by un-noticed, reminding us to sit back and take the time to appreciate it.

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