Episode 4 Season 6 : 7 December 2014

Episode 4 Season 6 : 7 December 2014


Wildlife Wonder:

Raising cubs is a hard job, even if lions are “king of the jungle”. In this week’s Wildlife Wonder these magnificent cats tackle the task of keeping their mischievous fur-balls out of trouble as they teach them what being a lion is all about, and find out what it really means to be ‘top dog’!

Sociable weavers:

In the world of sociable weavers, it seems that birds of a feather really do flock together when it comes to nest construction! But it also seems that the pecking order in this tight-knit community is more intricate than we thought, with complex hierarchies and collaborations constantly shifting. We follow the team of dedicated scientists intent on solving the many mysteries of these ‘nested housewives’.

Cape Mountain Zebra:

Stripes are back in fashion as the endangered Cape Mountain zebra is making a come-back from a population of under 100 individuals, thanks to national parks and private land owners. The problem now arises – where do we put them? In celebration of International Mountain Day, we meet up with the team that is galloping ahead with the protection of this magnificent mountain dwelling species, plucking them from the brink of extinction.


Veld Focus:

This week’s Veld Focus is a real family affair, showcasing some of the weird and wonderful ways animals interact with each other, often not in the way we would expect.


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