Episode 3 Season 6 : 30 November 2014

“Where Eagles Dare”

We bring you the latest update on the pair of Verreaux’s Eagles that the 50|50 team has been following closely since 2008. This pair of magnificent birds is in the process of raising a new chick in the most unusual nesting site, and we catch up with the researchers who are determined to monitor every step of the process! In addition, we reveal an exciting plan we have been hatching, that will make everybody bonkers for birds!


Urban Critters

In a world geared towards urban sprawl, much of South Africa’s fauna is battling for survival in ever shrinking habitats. However, there are a number of resourceful critters that have embraced their new ‘hoods’, and seem to be getting on rather well – right on our front doorstep! In the first instalment of our new regular feature ‘Urban Critters’, we find out more about BATS, and why these badly publicised heroes should be on everybody’s radar!


Wildlife Wonders

The drama-filled insight into the private lives of leopards ended on a cliff-hanger last week, and we can’t wait to bring you the final chapter in the story of these charismatic cats!


The Rhino Brief

This week our team meet a community of young wildlife custodians who are ready to step up and take responsibility for their natural heritage in an inspiring chapter of The Rhino Brief.


Veld Focus

We make a meal out of VF this week and take a look at some creatures who are DEFINITELY adhering to the high protein diet…! We meet a python that resembles Santa’s bulging sack, an eagle with lightning reflexes, and the King of all Kingfishers!


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