Episode 2 Season 6: 23 November 2014

Episode 2 Season 6: 23 November 2014


The Danger Files

What happens when Mother Nature shows her fiercer side? In a new series called “The Danger Files” we find out exactly how powerful the environment can be from people who have experienced its fury first hand, and survived! This week we bring you the story of Declan Hofmeyr, Operations Manager at Madikwe Game Reserve who learned the hard way just how heavy a rhino really is!


A Year in the Wild

Have you ever wanted to bid farewell to your job in the city, and head off on your own bush adventure? This week we meet a man that did just that! We follow Scott Ramsay as he fulfils his dream and shares his journey through South Africa’s wild places with us in “A Year in the Wild”.


Wildlife Wonders

For most wildlife enthusiasts, the cherry on the game spotting cake is without a doubt the sight of the illusive leopard stalking gracefully through the African bush. We reveal the secret lives of leopards in the first instalment of this drama filled 2-part Wildlife Wonder where love triangles and extreme survival is all part of the story.

Veld Focus

With the summer holidays just around the corner, we are packing our bags, and going fishing! This week’s episode of Veld Focus is full of such crazy animal fishing stories – you may think they are all just fisherman’s tales… Luckily we have the photos to prove it!


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